Daughters Share Mother's Passion for Nursing

In 1998, Corry Catalano decided it was time to make a career change. To do so, she would need to go back to school despite already being busy raising four young children and operating her own crafting business. But this was a sacrifice she was willing to make.

“I had always wanted to be a nurse. I lost some family members to cancer, and I just thought that if I could help somebody get through treatment and get back to their lives, it was something I'd really like to do," says Corry. "I decided that once the kids were old enough and they were all in school, I’d go back to school for nursing."

After graduating nursing school, Corry was hired by Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center where she has worked for nearly 14 years. She's now a registered nurse in Roswell Park's Chemotherapy and Infusion Center.

Seeing their mom’s hard work while growing up inspired Corry’s daughters, Alexandra and Rachel. “The fact that she went back to school after she had all of us, and seeing her in school and doing what she did, I really looked up to her. I really wanted to do that for myself,” says Alexandra.

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Alexandra and Rachel both followed in their mom’s footsteps. Alexandra has worked at Roswell Park for nine years, currently on 5 West. Rachel, who works on 6 North, has been at Roswell Park for two years.

Corry’s passion for helping patients through their battle with cancer has also rubbed off on her daughters. “I’ve always been interested in oncology. I love that we get close to our patients,” says Rachel. “You’re really able to build a bond here at Roswell Park.”

Seeing her daughters find a career that they love makes Corry a proud mother. “Seeing them become nurses means a lot to me. I love it,” says Corry. “It makes me proud to say my two girls are RNs here at Roswell Park, like myself.”

The sisters are thankful to have had such a positive role model as their mother. “I'd like to thank my mom for always being a great example and always someone I looked up to," says Alexandra.