Real Change Begins with Your Voice

An Invitation
Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - 10:44am

Once a month, current and former patients and caregivers get together with Roswell Park staff to suggest ways of improving programs, services and policies that have a major impact on virtually everyone who walks through our doors. As members of the Patient & Family Advisory Council, these volunteer advocates have made major contributions to the Institute by:

  • Finding new ways to promote patient safety
  • Providing feedback about patient education materials
  • Influencing the design of patient spaces in the clinics of the Scott Bieler Clinical Sciences Center
  • Improving patient itineraries
  • Offering ideas for making the Patient Portal more user-friendly

​We need your voice, too! The Office of the Patient & Family Experience is searching for new candidates to take part in the next term of the Patient & Family Advisory Council. What's involved? Regularly scheduled monthly meetings focus on presentations and discussions about the best ways to strengthen communication and teamwork among patients, families, caregivers and Roswell Park staff, with special attention to the needs of patients and their families. Council members also suggest programs, services and policies that affect everyone connected to Roswell Park.

If you think you might want to serve on the council, please consider applying. Contact Michele Benzin of the Patient & Family Experience at 716-845-5654 or