Yana Hammond, CMI Yana Hammond, CMI

Yana Hammond


Specializing In:

Art Direction Medical and Scientific Illustration Graphic Design Animation 3D Rendering

About Yana Hammond


I'm an Art Director for the ATLAS lab, and a board-certified medical illustrator and animator. At ATLAS I wear many hats, from designing user interfaces for apps to building anatomical models in 3D. I create visuals that help people understand science and medicine, especially providing patients with information about their condition or upcoming procedures, and conveying complex scientific concepts for research.


Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

  • ATLAS Art Director
  • Urology


Education and Training:

  • BFA - Medical Illustration

Board Certification:

  • Board of Certification of Medical Illustrators

Professional Memberships:

  • Association of Medical Illustrators

Honors & Awards:

  • Award of Excellence for Pelvic Rehab App, July 2016, AMI Atlanta 2016
  • Award of Excellence for BCG for Bladder Cancer App, Jul 2015, AMI Cleveland 2015
  • 31st Annual Student Art Exhibition Highest Award, May 2007, Mercer Gallery, MCC


  • Guru KA, Esfahani ET, Raza SJ, Bhat R, Wang K, Hammond Y, Wilding G, Peabody JO, and Chowriappa AJ. (2015), Cognitive skills assessment during RAS. BJU International, 115: 166–174. doi:10.1111/bju.12657