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Here are a few statistics about TIES at RPCI:


Pathology Reports

1995 - February 2018

Date Range

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CDN Office
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.–4 p.m.

Getting Access

You can request a TIES account if you are affiliated with Roswell Park.

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How To Videos

Getting Access

Here is a comparison of the three different access levels in TIES. Please request only the level of access that you require. The reviewer will review each research study description to determine if the level of access requested is appropriate.

Are you a honest broker? See the Honest Broker section for more information.

For best experience, please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers. Internet Explorer users, see instructions for troubleshooting.

Features Preliminary User
(Aggregate Data)
Research Study
(Report Data)
Research Study
(Tissue from RPCI Tissue Banks)

Request Account

Request Account

Request Account

Search real pathology reports
Generate charts and tables from query results
See the de-identified pathology report text
Save queries and case sets
Share queries and orders with other researchers on your research study
Option to request tissue associated with the report
Indicate affiliation with Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
Provide a scientific abstract describing the research study.
Provide the research study document(s) submitted to ORSP for IRB Approval
Provide proof of research study approval from the IRB

Honest Broker Accounts

Please contact Monica Lopez Murphy, Director of Data Management, Clinical Data Network, RPCI, at 716-845-3403 or for more information.

Features Honest Broker
View identified patient data and original reports
Change order item and order status

How To Videos

Due to a few RPCI specific customizations, there may be some minor differences between the tutorial videos and your TIES user interface. Please contact for any clarifications.

Logging In

Using the Dashboard Query Builder

Create Case Sets

Creating Charts

Using the Advanced Dashboard

Using the Diagram Query Builder

How do I cite TIES?

For manuscripts that make use of the TIES system to access clinical data or biospecimens, we request that you add the following comment to your acknowledgments section:

The TIES system is supported by Grant Number R01 CA132672 from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and Grant Number 2ULRR024153 from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS).

Acknowledging the Clinical Data Network

The Clinical Data Network (CDN) needs your support. Please acknowledge our involvement in any publications related to TIES-based data services provided using the following language in the acknowledgment section of your publication:

Clinical data delivery and Honest Broker services for this study were provided by the Clinical Data Network, which is funded by the National Cancer Institute and is a Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center Cancer Center Support Grant shared resource.

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