BMT Orientation and Caregiver Program

As a caregiver, you play a very important role in the treatment and recovery of your loved one. The BMT Orientation and Caregiver Program at Roswell Park is a program designed by the Division of Psychology to help the caregiver understand the patient’s medical and emotional needs while providing information to the caregiver so he or she can provide exceptional care to the patient. By integrating the critical support needs of the caregiver with the patient’s ongoing care, this program has helped numerous families and patients prepare for their transplant.

The program is comprised of two parts:

BMT Caregiver Orientations

Each family participates in one 2-hour workshop held in the hospital for patients and caregivers. Bi-weekly orientation sessions are held for families facing both types of transplants: autologous and allogeneic.  Several topics are covered during this orientation, including all aspects of the transplant and post-transplant medical issues, coping with emotional, physical, and sexual issues, finances, spirituality, and issues the caregiver may encounter while taking care of the patient.  The patient and family will also receive a personalized care manual developed by the Division of Psychology to assist you during your care giving duties. 

Resource Family Programs

Resource families are past transplant families that have successfully navigated the rigors of the transplant process. These "senior" families are matched with new transplant families based on disease type, transplant type, and demographics. The Resource Families are educated to support new transplant patients and their families.

Other Resources:

Additional resources for transplant families can be found in our hospital Community Cancer Resource Center. You may also find more information through the following links:

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