RPCI's Transplant Unit

Our state-of-the-art Blood and Marrow Transplantation Center is located on the hospital’s fifth floor. All 28 patient rooms are private, and all rooms and hallways are High Efficiency Particulate Free Air (HEPA)-filtered, giving you the freedom to leave your room with your doctor’s permission.

Each room has a viewing window and some rooms have a camera to enable the nursing staff to monitor your situation more closely, if needed. Isolation rooms are available if necessary to protect you or other patients.

A solarium and restroom facilities for your family and visitors are also located on the fifth floor. The solarium is comfortably furnished and has a refrigerator, microwave oven, television, washer and dryer, and a telephone. Food is allowed in the solarium, but we ask family and visitors to remember that this is a shared area.

Patient Guidelines

You may find it comforting to surround yourself with personal items. Converting your hospital room into “your own space” may alleviate some of the stress of a long stay. Pictures of family members, posters, a special bedspread or comforter, a CD or MP3 player with your favorite music, books, videos or even a pillow can often help.

Pillows must contain no down or feathers; they must be new or freshly laundered. Stuffed animals should be new. Old ones can be laundered by placing them in a pillowcase, securing the pillowcase with a rubber band, and washing on your machine’s gentle cycle.

You can bring your own clothes, but be sure they are loose fitting so that the BMT team can easily access your long-term intravenous catheter. Please leave all jewelry at home. You should bring your own shampoo.

Mail will be delivered daily, but someone else should open it for you while your white blood count is low. New magazines, newspapers and other unused reading material are acceptable.

No fresh or dried flowers, potted plants or animals are allowed on the unit. Silk flowers (but not with a dried-moss base) and balloons are fine.

Each patient room has a speaker telephone. Long-distance telephone calls can be arranged through the operator for an extra charge. All rooms also are equipped with televisions and DVD players. There is a daily charge for phone and television service. DVDs can be borrowed. You may bring a laptop computer from home, and you will be able to access the Internet through our RPCI public WiFi service. Laptop computers are available for short-term loan from the Community Cancer Resource Center on the first floor, in the Sunflower Cafe.

Visitor Rules and Guidelines

The BMT unit has an open visiting policy, which means that family members or friends can visit at any time. However, you should check with your doctor and charge nurse before children visit.

These following rules and guidelines are designed to create a pleasant, healthy environment for everyone. Please respect them.

  • Smoking is not allowed. Roswell Park Cancer Institute is dedicated to the overall mission of curing cancer; cigarette smoking is known to be a leading cause of cancer. Therefore, RPCI has a strict No Smoking policy throughout the transplant unit and the entire Institute.
  • Hand washing with antimicrobial soap is the single most effective way to prevent infection. Before entering a patient’s room, all visitors must wash their hands thoroughly.
  • One parent of each pediatric patient is encouraged to stay overnight in the child’s hospital room during the transplant process.
  • Pediatric patients are allowed, with the approval of their doctor, to visit the hospital pediatric inpatient floor. Facilities include a playroom and game room.
  • Family members should make sure that the nursing station has correct telephone numbers on file for emergency contacts.
  • There are no restrictions on visiting hours, but no more than two visitors are allowed in a patient’s room at one time. One family member is encouraged to stay with you during the admission process.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult, other than the patient, at all times. Children must go directly to the patient’s room, remain in the room for the duration of their visit, and leave the unit directly upon departing the patient’s room.
    Children may not visit patients who are in isolation of any type. Children may not visit if they have a contagious infection or if they have been exposed to a contagious infection in the previous three weeks. Babies’ diapers must not be changed within the unit.
  • Visitors who have a fever or infection or who have been exposed to an infection within the past three weeks are not allowed to visit unless cleared by an infection control practitioner or designee.
  • Visitors recently immunized with a live virus vaccine (such as Varicella within three weeks) may not visit until cleared by an infection control practitioner or designee.
  • Patients and family members are not allowed to visit other patient rooms. This helps to prevent the spread of infection. To prevent cross-contamination, family members may not use the bathroom or telephone in the patient’s room. Restroom facilities and a telephone are located near the solarium.


Meals are provided by the Food and Nutrition Department. You will be on a low microbial diet to reduce your exposure to bacteria and prevent infection and food-borne illness. Each day you will receive a menu to make your selections. A dietitian reviews the menus daily and will guide your choices as needed.

Foods from home are allowed as long as:

  • Food is selected and prepared in accordance with the low microbial diet. Refer to the booklet titled “Guide to the Low Microbial Diet” for specific guidelines and recommendations.
  • Foods brought in are kept in a safe temperature zone during transport.
  • All home-cooked foods are consumed within 24 hours of arrival.