Questions About Water

Tap water on the inpatient units of 5 East, 5 West, 5 North, and 6 North of Roswell Park Cancer Institute – as well as the ice from the machines on those units passes through a special filtration system to remove any bacteria or viruses from the water and is safe for you to consume while you are an inpatient.

Bottled Water can be safe if you choose a brand that has been treated with distillation, reverse osmosis or has been treated using an “Absolute” one-micrometer filter, which would reliably remove potentially harmful bacteria and viruses. With this criteria in mind, the following list of bottled waters are considered to be safe for you to drink:

  • Acadia® (Purified drinking water or pure steam distilled water)
  • Aquafina®
  • Dasani®
  • Dannon® Natural Spring Water
  • Deer Park®
  • Great Bear®
  • Ice Mountain®
  • Poland Spring®
  • Wegmans/Mayer Brothers®

Click here for updates on Boil Water Advisories for Erie County.