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Malignant or benign, spinal tumors need attention

About 5 percent of all cancer patients will develop metastatic spinal tumors, most often in patients with prostate cancer, breast cancer and multiple myeloma. Even benign spinal tumors can be life-threatening, and if they press on the spinal cord or invade the vertebrae, they can cause severe pain, paralysis difficulty walking and bowel or bladder dysfunction, explains Andrew Fabiano, MD, Department of Neurosurgery at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. “They can also destroy part of the spine—the bones and ligaments.” Most patients with spinal tumors need a multi-faceted treatment approach such as surgery and radiation, or surgery with radiation and chemotherapy. Read More

Accountable Care Organizations

What you need to know to become part of one of these organizations so you can help your Medicare patients and get paid more for it. Watch this informational video to learn more.

Should you offer a patient web portal?

These sophisticated Web sites help engage patients electronically, with the promise of better customer service and better care for patients — and less hassle for the practice. But the portal use by patients outside of tech-savvy urban centers is still small. Is it right for your practice? Read more...

Is it ever OK to lie to your patients?

That patients are entitled to the truth, is a given, but just how much doctors are obligated to reveal is in fact a matter of much debate — particularly as it relates to the sick and dying. Physicians are often forced to balance compassion with the patient's right to know. There are patients, for example, who are too emotionally frail to be told about the progressive symptoms of their disease. There are accident victims who are alert enough to learn of a loved one's death — but whose relatives ask that the news be delivered later by a family member. These and other common scenarios beg the question: Is it ever appropriate to spin the truth or withhold information from a patient? Read more...

2010 Physician Compensation Survey

How does your income stack up with your peers? Are you coping with the double whammy of the Great Recession and healthcare's long-term business challenges any better than your colleagues? Read more...

Where else but Roswell?

Roswell Park named to Leapfrog Group’s annual top hospitals list

Very few eligible hospitals, only 5 percent, achieved this prestigious national designation for 2010 and Roswell Park Cancer Institute was among them — The Leapfrog Group’s annual class of Top Hospitals. A coalition of public and private purchasers of employee health coverage, the Leapfrog Group was founded a decade ago to work for improvements in healthcare safety, quality and affordability. The designation represents top marks in four areas of patient safety, nurse and physician staffing and infection control. Read more...

New Physician Referral Directory now available

Getting your patients access to the cancer care specialists and services at Roswell Park Cancer Institute just got easier. We are pleased to offer Your Partners in Practice: A Physician’s Guide to Roswell Park Cancer Institute. This directory for the referring physician provides at-your-fingertips access to pertinent information about each member of RPCI’s physician teams. For each oncologist, grouped by the disease sites they treat, we identify their specialty, list their fax number and email address and provide their educational background, board certifications and their research interests to help you find the right specialist to provide care for your patient. To receive your free copy, contact Heidi Ofinowicz in the Public Affairs department at

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Volume 4 - Jan. 2011

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Events for MDs

Hematology Oncology Review
January 15, 2011
David C. Hohn, MD Auditorium
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New Faces at Roswell

Yeong Chris Choi, PhD (Director, Therapeutic Cell Production Facility, Center for Immunotherapy)

Carmelo Gaudioso, PhD (Department of Pathology)

Shicha Kumar, MD (Department of Surgical Oncology)

Vishala Neppalli, MD
(Department of Pathology)

Jianmin Zhang (Department of Cancer Genetics)