Evans Lab Members

Michelle Appenheimer, PhD
My PhD project (1999, Roswell Park) was to investigate the regulation of the expression of the leukocyte adhesion molecule, L-selectin by interferon-α. Following this, I took a postdoc position looking at the role of sialic acids in murine responses to stress (inflammation, infection). I am currently a research associate in Dr Evans’ Lab at Roswell Park. My research interests are to better understand the regulation of lymphocyte trafficking by WBH by identifying the cellular source of the IL-6 that mediates many of the thermal effects on lymphocytes and vascular targets. Also, since we have observed that the effects of WBH on HEVs are transient, I am working to define the mechanisms that return HEVs to their resting, basal state.

Daniel Fisher
I completed my BS at SUNY Geneseo in 2003 and am now a 7th year graduate student in the Immunology Department at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Dr. Sharon Evans’ Laboratory. I am interested in the particular interactions between circulating T cells and tumor microvessels and identifying how thermal stress alters adhesion in these vessels.