Translational Imaging Facility Data for Grants

The Translational Imaging Shared Resource (TISR) provides scientific and technical services pertaining to multimodality image acquisition, quantitative image analysis, multidimensional renderings and visualization of imaging data sets. The resource is equipped with (a) a Bruker 4.7 Tesla small animal MRI, (b) a preclinical ultrasound/photoacoustic imaging system (Vevo® LAZR, VisualSonics), (c) a combined bioluminescence/fluorescence imaging system (IVIS Spectrum, Perkin-Elmer) with tomographic and multi-spectral capabilities, (d) a bioluminescence imaging system (IVIS-50, Perkin-Elmer), and (e) a planar X-RAY imaging system (MX-20, Faxitron). The resource offers a wide-range of anatomical and functional imaging services including disease monitoring, tumor microvascular/ oxygenation assessment and novel imaging agent development. Resource staff also facilitate multimodality imaging research through collaborative interactions with other core resources or regionally available instrumentation (e.g., microPET imaging, SUNY Buffalo, Dept. of Nuclear Medicine).