Small Molecule Screening Shared Resource Services and Fees

Screening of Chemical Libraries

The flowchart below illustrates the timeline of a typical chemical library screening project. It can be roughly divided into three phases: preparation, library screening, and data analysis/hit selection/pickup.

We recommend scheduling a preliminary meeting early during the planning phase of your project to discuss estimated costs and assay requirements and controls for the high throughput format. By doing this early, you will save time and cost by avoiding unnecessary and repeated experiments later on. In the Links section of this website you will find general information about chemical screenings, requirements end evaluation of readouts to be used in high throughput screening and information about statistical analysis of readouts and HTS data. This information can be very helpful at the early stage of screening project planning.

To initiate the project you will need to complete the request for service form. Completion and submission of this form via email will indicate your commitment and readiness to complete the screening. Plates and reagents required for screening should be provided by the investigator (types and amounts of consumables will be discussed at preliminary meeting). All screening experiments should be scheduled (via email) at least one week in advance. If you need to cancel or reschedule for another day, please give us at least 24 hours’ notice (via email).

Handling of library plates will be performed only by shared resource staff members. The process of the library plate preparation is covered by the setup fee. The resource will provide 0.5 μl of primary hits for verification purposes at minimal cost. Reordering the compound for follow-up experiments is the responsibility of the researcher (contact us for more information).

Original screening data will be stored on the resource computers. We guarantee the confidentiality of this data. In cases where sharing of the data could be beneficial, such as if the project could benefit from cross-referencing the data between different screenings, or the investigator using the facility would like to obtain data about similar or related screenings, sharing of screening information may be possible given the consent of all involved parties.

Non-Screening Equipment Use

Small Molecule Screening Shared Resource (SMS) equipment can be used for non-screening projects by Roswell Park researchers for minimal hourly fee (please check the pricing schedule for the equipment list and prices). Please note, that screening projects will have a priority in equipment use, so check the availability before planning your experiments.

The rates for services provided by the SMS are summarized in this table. All prices are estimates and can be adjusted depending on the particular procedures the project requires. Roswell Park investigators should contact the facility director for internal pricing.

Please acknowledge the contributions of the SMS in oral presentations and publications. We appreciate receiving copies of relevant publications, as citations, PDF files or reprints.