Small Molecule Screening Shared Resource Data for Grants

The Small Molecule Screening Shared Resource (SMS) provides investigators with easy access to the reagents, equipment and expertise needed during the early stages of a drug development project. This includes the design and adjustment of readouts, high throughput screening, hit selection and confirmation, preliminary hit characterization and structure-activity relationship (SAR) analysis. The collection of chemicals at the SMS totals more than 110,000 compounds. Our larger libraries are the EXPRESS-Pick (ChemBridge, Inc.) and HitDiscover (Maybridge-Thermo Fisher Scientific). These libraries contain 108,480 small drug-like molecules, while our smaller libraries of LOPAC (Sigma), Spectrum (MSD, Inc.) and Tocriscreen Total (Tocris Bioscience) contain 4,400 bioactive compounds with known properties.

Sophisticated automated liquid handling equipment is used to ensure accurate delivery of these libraries in both 96- and 384- well format. The automated liquid handler JANUS (PerkinElmer) and high density pin array allows accurate delivery of compounds in nL volumes with productivity of 20-25,000 data points per day. Our versatile multilabel plate reader EnVision (PerkinElmer) allows for screens using either cell based or biochemical assays. Technology platforms that can be used in projects include fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarization, FRET and TR-FRET, ALPHA-screen, flash and glow luminescence.

Dedicated tissue culture equipment simplifies the procedure of cell preparation for cell based readout systems and the plating of the cells in high density multiwell format.

Our tissue culture room is equipped with a laminar flow hood, CO2 incubators, water baths, and automatic multichannel pipetors.