Correlative Science Pathology Office

The Correlative Science Pathology Office (CSPO) consists of a team of Laboratory professionals dedicated to managing all aspects of biospecimens related to clinical trials.

All staff members are IATA certified to ship biological specimens and serves as a point of contact for addressing laboratory specimen related concerns. Team members function in lab and office areas dedicated to clinical research activities.

The CSPO has a total of six staff; two staff members located on the 6th floor of the Gratwick Basic Science Building are dedicated to tissue management. The remaining four team members are located in the Cell & Virus Building on the 4th floor and 7 North Clinical Research Center. These team members are dedicated to the processing, storage and shipment of blood, urine, body fluids and bone marrow specimens required for clinical research.

The CSPO performs the following tasks:

  • Processing of various specimen types
  • Storage of specimens
  • Shipment of specimens (same day and/or batch)
  • Specimen transport
  • Tissue feasibility determination
  • Form and specimen requisition completion
  • Facilitate specimen testing and reporting
  • Facilitate budget completion
  • Study reviews for lab implementation

Please contact Nancy Crenshaw at 716-845-3520 or at for a project specific cost estimate.