Hematologic Procurement Services and Fees

Central processing of peripheral blood (PB), plasma, serum, and bone marrow (BM) samples from normal donors and patients with hematological cancers:

  • Isolation of PB/BM mononuclear cells
  • Cryopreserved cells

Primary patient samples are characterized by the following:

  • Multiple sample availability: plasma, serum, viable cells, DNA, RNA, protein on request
  • De-identified clinical information on samples include: diagnosis, pathology, karyotype, mutational profile, treatment (chemotherapy regimen, response, relapse), age, gender
  • Sequential samples/multiple vials available on select patients - DNA/RNA/protein

Samples for cancer clinical trials:

  • Serial timed PK samples of drugs
  • Correlative PD labs
  • Investigator initiated research samples
  • Services available 24/7 and on weeknights and weekends with prior approval and budgeting
  • Samples are processed, stored and shipped to outside laboratories/sponsors on request