Pathology Network Frequently Asked Questions

What are the charges for Pathology Network Shared Resource (PNSR) services and how are charges determined?

Cost estimates for services and biospecimens are prepared on a project specific basis. If you would like a cost estimate, please contact Ashley V. Sedelmeyer, MHA ( CCSG members are eligible to receive discounted pricing.

Pricing for shared resource services is based on the actual cost of performing the services, set by an internal review of the time and consumables used for the services. A concomitant review of charges from other facilities across the country for comparable services is also performed. If a discrepancy of greater than 20 percent is identified through this review process or by a customer, we perform a review of the workflow and costs associated with it and adjust the cost if feasible.

What tissues are available in the biobank?

A general inventory of all tissues in the biobank is available through the LIMS dashboard at

When is DSRG approval required for the use of biospecimens from the PNSR?

DSRG approval is required for the use of tumor biospecimens from the PNSR.

How do I obtain DSRG approval for biospecimens?

Requirements for DSRG approval vary by the DSRG. Some DSRGs require a formal presentation before approval is granted, while other DSRGs may grant approval via email. Contact the appropriate DSRG representative for guidance regarding the approval process.

I already have a BDR protocol for research, but I would like to add additional biospecimens or services. What should I do?

Please contact Liz Brese ( to organize an amendment for your current BDR protocol.

Should I acknowledge the Pathology Network Shared Resource when publishing my research?

Yes. Please include the following statement in the acknowledgements section of your manuscript: Biospecimens or research pathology services for this study were provided by the Pathology Network Shared Resource, which is funded by the National Cancer Institute and is a Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center Cancer Center Support Grant shared resource.