Pathology Network Faculty and Staff

Wiam Bshara, MD
Assistant Director
Phone: 716-845-4072

Dr. Bshara is a research pathologist who leads alongside Dr. Azabdaftari in all aspects of PNSR operations. As a pathologist, he provides leadership for the faculty and staff in Tissue Procurement. In addition, Dr. Bshara is solely responsible for overseeing the Image Scanning and Analysis Laboratory, which is his area of expertise. Dr. Bshara oversees other key projects within the PRN, including QC, Tissue Micro-Array (TMA) design and construction, and pathological review for the Correlative Sciences Pathology Office (CSPO). Dr. Bshara supervises the QC of tissues collected for fresh delivery to researchers and frozen tissue used for DNA/RNA extraction and for Laser Microdissection (LMD). He also oversees TMA construction, including case selection, slide review, sample zone marking, TMA map and recipient block design. Dr. Bshara collaborates with multiple investigators, and provides assistance with grant-writing, histological and immunohistochemical stain analysis, and scientific consultation. In the past two years, he has made digital image analysis a standard part of immunohistochemistry at Roswell Park.


Ashley V. Sedelmeyer, MHA
Business Manager
Phone: 716-845-3458

Elizabeth Brese
Supervising Pathology Resource Specialist
Phone: 716-845-4085

Correlative Science Pathology Office

Nancy Crenshaw, BSN, RN, MA
Sr. Clinical Research Service Administrator
Pathology & Lab Medicine Services
Phone: 716-845-3520

Lakshmi Seshadri, CLT (ASCP)
Supervising Clinical Laboratory Technologist
Clinical Research Support
Phone: 716-845-7784

Leukemia Bank

Linda Lutgen-Dunckley
Pathology Resource Specialist
Phone: 716-845-8098

Histology Facility

Cassandra Versaggi
Pathology Resource Technologist
Phone: 716-845-3006


AnneMarie Block, PhD
Sky Lab Director
Phone: 716-845-4589

Leighton Stein
Research Associate
Phone: 716-845-3213