Nicotine and Tobacco Product Assessment Facility Data for Grants

The Nicotine and Tobacco Product Assessment Resource (NicoTAR) provides instrumentation and services to investigators requiring nicotine and tobacco product testing, biochemical verification of smoking status and assessment of tobacco smoke exposure.

Major instrumentation includes Waters Xevo TQ-XS Tandem Mass Spectrometer with ACQUITY UPLC I-Class liquid chromatography system, gas chromatograph (GC) with a mass spectrometer: Agilent 5977A, and with a nitrogen phosphorus detector: Agilent 7890B. This instrumentation is capable of a wide variety of nicotine and tobacco product testing and tobacco-specific biomarker assessment. Application examples include determination of nicotine, carcinogens and flavorings in tobacco products and electronic cigarettes, as well as tobacco-specific biomarkers in biofluids.

NicoTAR data processing software includes: Open Lab CDS, SPSS, GraphPad and Statistica. A variety of laboratory equipment is available for sample preparation and storage (e.g., smoking machines, electronic shisha smoker, puffing monitors, cigarette ventilation and pressure drop tester, cigarette paper porosity tester, air-liquid, etc.) In addition to the facility director and technician, RPCI provides additional staff who aid in facility maintenance and repair (mechanical, cryogenic, electronic, IT).