Immune Analysis Facility Faculty and Staff

Junko Matsuzaki, PhD
Phone: 716-845-8459

Dr. Matsuzaki joined the Roswell Park staff in April 2011 as Director of the Immune Analysis Facility. She has extensive background in the quantitative and qualitative assessment of the human immune system in cancer patients undergoing immunotherapy. She has analyzed humoral and cellular immune responses in patients with ovarian cancer before and after vaccination with NY-ESO-1, one of the cancer-testis antigens, in various platforms. She also has accumulated extensive expertise in T cell biology and mechanisms of immunosuppression in periphery and tumor microenvironments in patients with ovarian cancer. She is committed to developing and validating immunomonitoring methods using Enzyme-Linked Immunospot Assay (ELISPOT), ELISA and flow cytometry-based assay techniques.

Katherine Collins, MS
Laboratory Technician – Seahorse assay, cell culture, PBMC/serum isolation
Phone: 716-845-6458

Colin King, MS
Laboratory Technician – PBMC/serum isolation, ELISA, flow cytometry, cell culture, data/sample management
Phone: 716-845-1574

Courtney Ryan, MS
Research Technologist – PBMC/serum isolation, gene expression, data/materials/sample management
Phone: 716-845-6555

Kalyan Srivastava, PhD
HRI Scientist – CyTOF operation, CyTOF data analysis
Phone: 716-845-1922