General Information and Pricing

The DNA Sequencing Core Facility is a component of the Genomics Shared Resource, a shared resource facility at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Location and Hours:

Located in the Center for Genetics and Pharmacology, L1-104, The DNA Sequencing laboratory is open from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Contact information:

To contact the DNA Sequencing laboratory, please call 716-845-8032 or email Khin Marlar.

Our laboratory fax number is 716-845-3960. For out of state customers wishing to submit DNA samples, please send to the following address:

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
Genomics Shared Resource
DNA Sequencing Laboratory
Center for Genetics and Pharmacology, L1-104
Elm and Carlton Sts.
Buffalo, N.Y. 14263
Attention: Khin Marlar

When mailing samples, it is preferable to choose overnight delivery. While DNA samples are fairly stable at ambient temperatures, prolonged stays at these temperatures can lead to degradation of DNA and subsequent deterioration of sequence quality, especially for samples of less than optimal purity.


For billing purposes, volume pricing will be calculated per calendar month. That is, the appropriate number of samples must be submitted between the first and the end of the same month in order to receive the maximum discount.

Volume Level Member Non-Member External
Low Volume (1-49 samples/month) $8.20 $9.30 $10.30
Medium Volume (50-249 samples/month) $6.20 $8.20 $9.30
High Volume (>250 samples/month) $5.20 $6.20 $6.70
Pre-reacted samples $4.10 $6.20 $7.20
96-well plate structure Member Non-Member External
96-well plate (unreacted), <10 plates $494 $593 $593
96-well plate (unreacted), 10-40 plates $433 $519 $519
96-well plate (unreacted), >40 plates $391 $470 $470
96-well plate (pre-reacted) $297 $371 $371
96-well plate (pre-reacted), >48 plates $155 $193 $193

"Full-service" sequencing includes cycle sequencing of DNA samples and primers, purification of reacted samples, sequencing run, analysis and editing of data. Hard copy printouts of color chromatograms are available upon request. Please contact Prashant Singh at 716-845-3869 for more details.