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General Information and Pricing - General information about the sequencing lab, such as pricing, services we provide, where we are located and hours of operation.

Online Ordering

With our web-based ordering system, you will be able to submit your orders electronically and retrieve your sequence data when completed.

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Sample Requirements and Sequencing Basics - Overview the basics of automated fluorescent sequencing and how it works. Also provided is a table of types of DNA we can sequence and required concentrations, our recommendations for template preparation, and primer design.

Interpreting your chromatograms - Advice on how to evaluate your chromatogram and sequence data quality.

Troubleshooting your data - Common sequencing dilemmas, reasons why you might encounter them, and what you can do to try and solve these problems.

Primers we provide - Our facility provides numerous primers, free of charge, to be used when sequencing many of the more common vectors. A table here lists their names, sequences and molecular weights.

ABI viewers - In order to view the ABI color files we now provide for downloading from our server, you will need specific software to open and work with these files. In this section, we provide links to websites offering freeware for downloading to your computer.

Useful links - Useful websites.


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