Image and Basic Data Analysis

The GSR provides basic image and data analysis using platform dependent software (GenomeStudio - Illumina).

Non-normalized and normalized data will be provided from GenomeStudio for all arrays. Raw data files (.idats) are available upon request. Please contact Amanda Perez for additional data files.

In addtion, targeted NGS panel design for Illumina's TruSeq Custom Amplicon is a customizable, amplicon based assay for targeted resequencing. A custom design can be provided using Illumina's DesignStudio software.

*The GSR staff cannot be expected to clearly understand the subtleties of each investigator's experiments. Therefore, it is up to each investigator to interact with Roswell Park's bioinformatics staff to set up their experimental design (replication, randomization, power analysis, etc.) and to complete the final data analysis. Our approach analyzes each experimental parameter to ensure high data quality. Some of the parameters measured are analyzed the same way for many different kinds of experiments. Others, especially time trial studies, depend strongly on the experiments being done and the decisions from the experiments that can only be made by the investigator.