Nucleic Acid Extraction and QC

The GSR prepares RNA and DNA from a variety of sample types, using several extraction protocols depending on the sample size and downstream application.

Manual Extractions

DNA (cells, tissues, FFPE): Gentra Puregene, Qiagen DNeasy

RNA (cells, tissues, FFPE): TRIzol, Qiagen RNeasy, PAXgene

miRNA enriched: Qiagen miRNeasy

Nucleic Acid Quality control

NanoDrop: A260, A230, A280

Qubit and SpectraMax fluorescent plate reader: picogreen, ribogreen quantitations

Bioanalyzer 2100: RNA and DNA chips

Agilent Tapestation

Samples - A minimum of 1M cells or 25mg of tissue is required for RNA/DNA preparation. All samples must be fresh or snap frozen in liquid nitrogen and stored at -80°C.  Blood: 200ul minimum for automated DNA preparation.