Available Products and Services


Expression Arrest pGIPZ Lentiviral genome-wide Human shRNA Library and the Expression Arrest pSM2 Retroviral genome-wide Human and Mouse shRNA Libraries
These libraries, purchased from GE DHarmacon (at the time Open Biosystems), contain ~62K unique shRNAmir constructs targeting the entire genomes (>25,000 genes) with ~3-5 constructs/target.

For more information on these libraries, please see:

Expression Arrest pSM2 Retroviral shRNAmir Human Cancer shRNA Library
2311 shRNAmir constructs targeting 967 human cancer related genes

For more information on this library, please see: http://bioxys.com/i_openbio/pdf/rnai/Human%20cancer%20shRNAmir%20libraryPI-Glycerol.pdf

Dharmacon™ Decode™ Pooled Human Lentiviral shRNA Screening Library
Decode Lentiviral RNAi screening libraries are pools of Dharmacon™ GIPZ™ short hairpin RNAs (shRNAs). Through RNAi-mediated silencing of hundreds or thousands of genes in parallel, a pooled lentiviral shRNA screen can be performed to identify genes that regulate cellular responses and signaling pathways, or to discover novel gene functions.

For more information on this library, please see: http://dharmacon.gelifesciences.com/uploadedFiles/Resources/decode-pooled-lentiviral-shrna-screening-libraries-manual.pdf

DECIPHER™ Pooled shRNA Human and Mouse Lentiviral Libraries from CELLECTA
These Bar-coded lentiviral shRNA were made to cover the entire annotated human and mouse gene sets with a high percentage of functionally validated sequences and inclusion of a redundant set of 5 to 6 shRNA per gene. The DECIPHER libraries are broken down into modules: three modules for human and two modules for mice. Each module targets roughly 5,000 genes--variously associated with diseases, known drug targets, or signaling pathways--and represents over 25,000 unique shRNAs. The libraries use optimized 18-nt bar-codes that facilitate the identification of functional shRNAs and high-throughput sequencing data analysis using the Illumina platform.

For more information of these libraries, please see: https://www.cellecta.com/wp-content/uploads/Cellecta-Manual-DECIPHER-shRNA-Libraries.pdf


MGC premier Human Lentiviral ORF Library

This human Lentiviral ORF Expression Library was developed through the collaborative efforts of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, The Broad Institute and the Center for Cancer Systems Biology (CCSB). The collection includes 15597 clones covering 12861 genes.

For more information of this libraries, please see: http://www.transomic.com/Products/Gene-Expression/ORF.aspx


Human genome-scale CRISPRi and CRISPRa Pooled Libraries

CRISPRa sgRNA library from the Jonathan Weissman Lab (Version 1)

  • Featuring the SunCas9 system with 10 sgRNAs for each TSS in 15,977 human genes and 5,968 controls for a total of 198,810 total sgRNAs
  • constitutive or TET- regulated systems available
  • 190X coverage

CRISPRi sgRNA library from the Jonathan Weissman Lab (Version 1)

  • 10 sgRNAs for each TSS in 15,977 human genes and 11,219 controls for a total of 206,421 total sgRNAs
  • 290X coverage

Additional Services Offered

  • PCR based Mycoplasma testing for routine monitoring of tissue culture lines
  • Retro- or lentiviral packaging of user-provided constructs
  • Production of infectious virus from additional Core-provided vectors, including those for cell immortization, TET regulation, and tracking
  • CsCl based plasmid DNA maxiprep