In Vitro Fertilization

Mouse in Vitro Fertilization (IVF): $1,060.90 per session PLUS the cost of females.

Can be used to rapidly expand mouse lines from a few males that carry the desired genotype or to maintain strains with poor breeding efficiency. The Gene Targeting and Transgenic Shared Resource will superovulate egg donors per session. We will perform IVF with sperm from your males and egg donors. We will perform a positive IVF control with sperm from F2 (B10XC3H) males and F2 (B10XC3H) egg donors.

After overnight culture, 2-cell embryos will be transferred to pseudopregnant females (unless specified for freezing). All weaned pups will be transferred to the investigator. We expect the investigator to genotype the pups and determine which pups have the desired genotype(s). IVF results vary according to genetic background and the quality of individual males used for IVF (Byers et al., 2006, Vergara et al., 1997). Thus, we cannot offer a guarantee that any given IVF procedure will produce large number of pups.