Transgenic Injection on BCF (TG BCF)

The Gene Targeting and Transgenic Shared Resource (GeTT) will harvest and inject the pronuclei of F2 (B10 X C3H) fertilized oocytes with DNA prepared and purified by the investigator or the GeTT (whichever is chosen). Surviving eggs will be implanted in pseudopregnant females, and pups born will undergo tail biopsy for isolation of DNA, and will also be identified by an ear tag. The GeTT guarantees that at least 100 eggs will be surgically transferred or three transgenic offspring will be produced (whichever comes first).

**Note: The expression of your gene is not guaranteed.**

Transgenic Injection in C57BL/6Tac (TG B6)

Same as Pronuclear Microinjection in BCF, but we use C57BL/6 mice purchased from Taconic.

Transgenic Injection in Any Other Strain

If your lab requires a transgene to be injected on a specific mouse strain background, we will try to accommodate all requests as is feasible.

Lentiviral Transgenics

Lentiviral construct injections are performed upon request. Investigator will need to have prior approval from the Institute Biosafety Committee to begin injections. Please contact Aimee Stablewski at ext. 5843 or for details.