Chimeric Mice

Blastocyst Microinjection With Your ES Cells Generated In-House or by a Collaborator (Per Day)

The Gene Targeting and Transgenic Shared Resource (GeTT) will harvest blastocysts from C57BL/6 mice (currently C57BL/6 albino mice from the Jackson Laboratory) and inject the appropriate number of ES cells/blastocyst (either provided by the investigator or generated in our facility. (If not generated in our resource, you must submit a Mycoplasm Pathology Report with your cell line or we can submit your cell line to our Tissue Culture facility for testing, which will incur additional charges.)

Injected blastocysts will then be implanted into pseudopregnant females. The GeTT guarantees that at least 20 blastocysts will be successfully injected and implanted into foster moms, or three chimeric pups will be produced, whichever comes first.

KOMP/EUCOMM ES Cell Injections

Same as Blastocyst Microinjection, however, please read this message from Aimee Stablewski regarding the KOMP/EUCOMM ES cell injections.

Please contact Aimee Stablewski at 716-845-5843 or for a project specific cost estimate.