Cell Imaging Services

Confocal Microscopy

Our Leica TCS SP8 Laser Scanning Spectral Confocal Microscope was put in operation in early 2018. The confocal has 4 laser lines (405nm, 488nm, 552nm, and 638nm) and is equipped with 10X dry, 20X dry, and 63X oil immersion objectives. Further specifications are detailed below.

First-time users of the Leica TCS SP8 confocal microscope must contact the principal operator Carlos Cedeno at 716-845-8235 to schedule a new user training session (~45 minutes) before working independently on the microscope. All users should reserve time on the microscope using the FOM calendar system. Operator assistance is available by scheduling an appointment during regular business hours.

Live Cell Imager

The Leica AF6000LX live cell imaging system enables time-lapse videography of cell cultures in a temperature- and CO2-controlled environment. The microscope stage is adaptable to receiving multi-well plate formats as well as slide based formats (including multi-well chamber slides). The software enables multiple user-defined imaging positions, as well as user-defined imaging time intervals. In addition to polarized bright field imaging, the instrument has B/G/R fluorescent imaging capabilities using a mercury short-arc lamp excitation source. For multiple position imaging, the microscope is equipped with long-working distance 10x, 20x and 40x objectives. A 63x objective is also available but due to the requirement of immersion-oil, this magnification is not suitable for multiple positions if the positions require relatively large stage movement or for long time periods of imaging. See details below.

The Live Cell Imager is available by appointment only. To make an appointment please contact Hans Minderman 716-845-1162 or Carlos Cedeno 716-845-8235.

Technical Specifications

  • Laser Scanning Spectral Confocal Microscope
  • Real-time xy scanning, z-stack and λ scan
  • Simultaneous multi-spectral scanning
  • 3 Acousto-Optical spectral detectors
  • 10X dry, 20X dry, and 63X oil immersion objectives

Illumination and Detection

  • 4 laser lines
  • 405nm and 638nm diode; 488nm and 552nm OPSL
  • 1 PMT, and 2 hybrid (HyD) spectral detectors
  • Transmitted Light PMT Detector (TLD)

Advantages of Confocal Microscopy on the Leica TCS SP8

  • Simultaneous, tunable multi-channel detection
  • Visible, far-red and infrared emission detection
  • Minimize laser exposure with ultra-sensitive HyD detectors
  • Superior background suppression and cross-talk correction
  • HyVolution high-definition 3D reconstruction
  • Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) capability

Technical Specifications

  • Time lapse, Live Cell imagery at 370 C for multidimensional 4D records (X,Y,Z time)
  • All components, camera, shutter, monochromator are fully integrated and optimized with regard to light efficiency and acquisition speed through a synchronized sequencing board.
  • Control of temperature, CO2 concentration and humidity within a climate chamber for optimum experiment conditions.
  • Computer, XP-Pro connected to Roswell Network

Excitation Sources

  • Mercury Sort-Arc reflector lamp
  • Monochromatizing light source, Wavelength range 320nm-694nm

Filter Sets Available

  • RGB
  • DIC
  • Bright Field