New Accounts with the Flow and Image Cytometry Facility

Our facility uses FOM (Facility Online Manager) as an integrated calendar, instrument sign-on, and billing system. Every new user will need to set up an individual account in FOM. Instructions for Roswell Park users can be found in the FOM Internal New User Instruction Document, and users not affiliated with Roswell Park will need to follow the instructions in the FOM New User Instruction Document.

Each lab (or company) will also need a group account for logging in to the computer software on our analyzer instruments. Only one account will be created per PI. In order to create this account for a lab new to our facility, please fill out the New Cytometer Account Form.

Users new to flow cytometry or any specific instrumentation in our facility are requested to contact us to set up an appointment during regular business hours, so that we can properly assist you with setting up your experiments. Several courses are available for free to aid in gaining proficiency on the instruments. For independent use of the flow cytometers, it is mandatory to attend our class “Introduction to Flow Cytometry”.

For general information on new accounts, contact Kitty de Jong 716-845-8416.