Data Bank and BioRepository Requesting Samples and Data

How do I request samples and data from the Data Bank and BioRepository?

1. Feasibility Discussion

At the time of initial inquiry, investigators are asked to meet with or arrange a telephone call with DBBR operations director (Annmarie Nowak) to assess:

  • The availability of appropriate banked biospecimens and data to fulfill the study request and/or determination of the need and logistics of additional (study-specific) collection
  • Anticipated time frame for the research
  • Service cost estimate and funding source for the research

2. Have an IRB-approved protocol

(Non-Human Subjects Research form, if Roswell Park investigator). All data and samples provided by the Data Bank and BioRepository (DBBR) are de-identified prior to release for use in research. The DBBR maintains the link between participants and their samples and data. Investigators never receive any information that would allow them to identify donors.

3. Obtain approval for request from the appropriate Disease Site Research Group (DSRG) if required

  • Requests for finite patient material including serum, plasma, red blood cells and buffy coat require DSRG pre-approval.
  • Requests for <=1 ug of DNA per subject do not require DSRG pre-approval.
  • Requests for healthy control specimens do not require DSRG pre-approval.

CCSG Program members with peer-reviewed funding are given top priority for requests, followed by Roswell Park investigators with newly developing programs, then external academic investigators with federal funding and finally commercial investigators. Fees for cost recovery are tiered for these different groups of investigators.