Data Bank and BioRepository Faculty and Staff

Christine Ambrosone, PhD
Resource Director
Senior Vice President, Population Sciences
Chair, Cancer Prevention and Control
Phone: 716-845-3082

Christine Ambrosone, PhD is Director of the Data Bank and BioRepository (DBBR) Shared Resource, Senior Vice President and Co-Leader of the CCSG Program in Population Sciences, and Chair of the Department of Cancer Prevention and Control. She oversees all scientific aspects of the DBBR shared resource and has final approval of resource use requests.

Dr. Ambrosone has had continuous NCI funding, is currently PI of two R01s, a P01, and site PI or co-investigator for several other studies. She has published extensively in molecular epidemiology and translational research and is highly qualified to oversee this resource that she established in 2003.

Annmarie Nowak (Contact)
DBBR Coordinator & Director, Biobanking Systems Integration
Phone: 716-845-8295

Ms. Nowak is the DBBR Coordinator and Director, Biobanking Systems Integration. Ms. Nowak is the primary contact for resource users, acts as liaison to the Office of Research Subjects Protections, and operates the service request process from inquiry to completion and billing.

She oversees development and management of data collection, specimen inventory and distribution systems, and directly supervises data management staff who operate the epidemiologic and clinical data collection and storage system. She is also responsible for working with leaders from other Shared Resources, particularly the Pathology Network Shared Resource  and the Clinical Data Network, to integrate systems across the biobanks.

Warren Davis, PhD
Laboratory Director
Phone: 716-845-8165

Warren Davis, Co-Director of the DBBR Shared Resource, directs all aspects of laboratory operations and supervises the laboratory staff. He has been managing these aspects of DBBR since its inception, and developed the protocols for biospecimen processing, storage and tracking.

He maintains standardized quality-control procedures to ensure integrity of the samples and ensures cell viability working with the Flow and Image Cytometry Resource (Paul Wallace, PhD, Director).

Dr. Davis is responsible for retrieval of specimens for use by investigators and provides laboratory science expertise to program members.

Krysten Stoll, MPH
Recruitment Coordinator
Phone: 716-845-4353

Ms. Stoll oversees recruitment and consent operations and supervises the DBBR Clinical Research Associates. She has decades of experience in coordinating clinical and epidemiological research, and is the primary liaison with clinical personnel in coordinating patient enrollment. Ms. Stoll also coordinates recruitment activities in the community for enrollment of healthy controls.


Megan Diegelman
Clinical Research Associate
Phone: 716-845-1578

Jaina Ruffino
Clinical Research Associate
Phone: 716-845-4424

Erin Striegel
Clinical Research Associate
Phone: 716-845-2930

Amy Betz
Clinical Research Associate
Phone: 716-845-3728

Thomasina Smith
Clinical Research Associate
Phone: 716-845-4719

Allison Soucise
Data Manager II
Phone: 716-845-7853

Roswell Park Staff may reach DBBR Clinical Research Associates for recruitment issues by paging "DBBR" from inside the hospital. Recruitment staff may also be reached for questionnaire issues by telephone at 716-845-7774 or by email at


Lisa Carter
Research Associate
Phone: 716-845-3110

Priya Nair
Laboratory Technologist
Phone: 716-845-1140

Deborah Amorosi
Laboratory Technician
Phone: 716-845-3390

Leonard Medico Jr.
Research Technologist
Phone: 716-845-2308

Nicholas Kisiel
Laboratory Technologist
Phone: 716-845-1489

Teaira Leslie
Laboratory Aide
Phone: 716-845-1119
Email: Teaira.Leslie@roswellpark.orga>