Biostatistics and Statistical Genomics Services and Fees

Services include the following:

  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Grant writing (statistical methods sections)
  • Hypothesis formulation
  • Clinical trial design
  • Experimental design
  • Fitting models to data
  • Developing novel statistical methods
  • Developing customized data mining software and developing novel methods based on emerging technologies (e.g., cutting edge microarray platforms, computer intensive statistical methods)
  • Statistical training and education
  • Statistical programming and database development
  • Statistical software development
  • Graphical presentation of results
  • Manuscript writing
  • Reporting of results to

Priority is given to CCSG members and investigators who have outside funding, an approved clinical trial, or are preparing protocols and/or grant applications.

  • Fee policy
    • No fees or chargebacks for consultative/development services
    • Appropriate percent effort on grants