Biomedical Data Science Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the BDS Network and the BDS Office?

The BDS Network is a group of Data Managers, Database Owners, Biobanks and Information Technology staff working together to efficiently deliver data for research at Roswell Park.

The BDS Office is comprised of staff who coordinate the functionality of the BDS Network. They support researcher’s data needs for non-interventional research particularly when banked biospecimens are involved. The BDS Office can help coordinate data from several different sources and will provide Honest Broker services when required. The BDS Office will provide database development consultations.

Why do you charge investigators for data?

Charges billed to an investigator are not for data, but for cost recovery services. We charge for the effort involved in accessing, pulling and processing of the data or any services provided. Charges are based upon the time spent in providing the requested services.