Bioanalytics, Metabolomics & Pharmacokinetic Services and Fees

The Bioanalytics, Metabolomics & Pharmacokinetics (BMPK) Shared Resource is available to assist investigators in the design of clinical studies which incorporate clinical pharmacology or pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic questions. Emphasis is placed on designing studies to optimize efficiency and scientific rigor. The Resource is also available to assist investigators with the development of new assay methodologies, and with PK/PD data analysis. Investigators are encouraged to consult the BMPK Shared Resource as early as possible during the planning phases of project or grant development.

Analytical Capabilities of the BMPK Resource

The Resource offers Drug/Metabolite, Elemental analysis, and other small molecule measurements. Examples of each are listed below.

Drug/metabolite and other small molecule analysis (LC/MS/MS, HPLC)

Assays available:

  • Androgens: Testosterone (0.00625 ng/mL); Dihydrotestosterone (0.0125 ng/mL); Androstenedione (0.00625 ng/mL); Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA, 0.200 ng/mL); Androsterone (0.200 ng/mL) (LC/MS/MS)
  • Antimetabolies: Gemcitabine and dFdU (HPLC; LC/MS/MS); Capecitabine (LC/MS/MS); 5FU (LC/MS/MS)
  • Taxanes: Docetaxel (LC/MS/MS); Paclitaxel (LC/MS/MS); IDN5390(LC/MS/MS)
  • Topoisomerase targeted agents: Irinotecan, SN-38, SN-38G (HPLC); Etoposide (HPLC)
  • Anthracyclines: Doxorubicin and Daunorubicin (HPLC)
  • Vitamin-D/metabolites (HPLC, LC/MS/MS)
  • Targeted Agents : Sunitinib and SU11262 (LC/MS/MS)
  • Polyamines and analogs: Difluoromethyl ornithine (HPLC), Putrescine, spermidine and spermine (HPLC); N1N11diethylnorspermine (HPLC)
  • Cytoprotective and chemopreventive agents: Mesna (HPLC), BNP7787 (HPLC) and thiols (cysteine, homocysteine and glutathione) (HPLC); N-Acetylcysteine (HPLC)
  • Others: Nilutamide (HPLC, UV), Thiols (HPLC, UV), Tryptophan and Kynurenine (UPLC), Novobiocin (UPLC)

Elemental Analysis (Atomic Absorption)

Assays available:

  • Platinum based compounds (oxaliplatin, cisplatin, carboplatin)
  • Selenium based compounds (Selenomethionine; methylselenocysteine)
  • Gold

Fee Schedule and Sample Submission

Pricing can vary and is as unique as every experiment designed.  Interaction is vital to us to ensure you achieve appropriate experiment design and outcome. As an RPCI Bioanalytics, Metabolomics & Pharmacokinetics (BMPK) client we will arrange a one-on-one consultation allowing you to utilize the individual expertise we bring to the table.  Together we will examine your experimental design, methods development needs, analysis, and result interpretation that best suits your demands.  We work closely with you at every turn to ensure you receive the most pertinent and reliable results possible.

Investigators submitting samples are required to fill out a BMPK sample submission form which is located below for download. Samples will not be analyzed without an attached submission form.

Investigators interested in the use of the shared resorce should contact Joshua Prey, MS, to discuss scheduling and shared resource procedures.

Joshua Prey, MS
Research Project Administrator, BMPK Shared Resource
Center for Genetics and Pharmacology - L1-318
Phone: 716-845-3313