Abrams Lab Members

Mary Lynn Hensen
I joined Dr. Abram’s laboratory as a Laboratory Technician in July 2008. I manage all of our transgenic and knockout mouse colonies, conduct all breeding and genotyping, and assist with a variety of experimental animal studies. My previous work at Roswell Park also involved maintaining transgenic and knockout mouse colonies, as well as performing studies involving freeze fracture, electron microscopy and HPLC.

Debarati Banik
I am born and raised in Calcutta of India where I completed Masters in Biochemistry from University of Calcutta. I came to the Immunology department of Roswell Park as a graduate student in fall 2008 and joined Dr. Abrams lab in July, 2009. My project here focuses on looking at the possible role of IRF-8 on genes involved in invasion and metastasis. My passions are music, literature, cinema, watching Cricket and of course, food. Experimenting with cooking is my favorite pastime nowadays. Unlike a lot of foreign students, I don’t exactly hate snow and that’s why I have started liking Buffalo.