Office of Research Subject Protection Committees


The Conflict of Interest Committee (COIC) is a permanent committee arising out of the Roswell Park's policy and State and Federal law requirements for the management, reduction and/or elimination of conflicts of interest for Roswell faculty and staff.

COIC members are charged with the following:

  • Review disclosures to determine if a conflict at an individual or institutional level exists that could bias the research we do
  • Advise the Vice President for Corporate Ethics on methods of compliance for the recording and maintenance of conflict of interest/time commitment records
  • Assess the compliance status of research-related components for apparent conflicts of interest
  • Assist in the management, elimination, and/or reduction of any conflicts of interest or time commitment of any faculty or unclassified staff which are disclosed or otherwise known
  • Advise the Vice President for Corporate Ethics and the IRB on actions/sanctions necessary to resolve conflicts of interest to comply with Federal, State, and Roswell Park policies
  • Serve as a resource to faculty and staff regarding possible perceived or potential conflicts of interest related to their research


The Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center Ethics Committees promote integrity and strive for clarity in the midst of what can be complex and confusing ethical situations. Our vision is to be a model of service and education for the clinical and scientific communities in identifying and responding to ethical issues. Our values include the pursuit of truth, excellence, respect, empathy, mutuality, responsibility, integrity and honesty within all relationships between all members of the institute and community.

Clinical Ethics

  • Respond to requests for help to resolve ethical conflicts, issues, or questions involving patient care
  • Provide assistance with practical interpretation of ethical standards and applicable law
  • Act as an advisory and resource to patients, family members or health professionals to address ethical questions using appropriate ethical standards and values
  • Provide appropriate ethical recommendations while promoting responsible conduct in sensitive matters
  • Facilitate discussion, analysis and understanding of ethical issues in patient care and research involving human subjects, and provide ethically appropriate recommendations for solving problems arising in health care practice and research

Scientific Ethics

  • Promote and improve knowledge of principles of scientific and research ethics in order to facilitate the responsible conduct of science
  • Develop and recommend guidelines and/or mechanisms for internal controls for any scientific test/invention that is to be further developed or promoted outside the laboratory
  • Adopt industry guidelines and recommendations for keeping and maintaining research data, lab notebooks, etc.
  • Reinforce through education the concept of and regulations that define scientific integrity to all Institute investigators, technicians, as well as pre and post doctoral students
  • Strengthen our Institute mechanism to facilitate reporting of questions or concerns regarding any aspect of science including potential scientific misconduct without fear of repercussion


The primary reason for needing animals for research at Roswell is to gain the scientific, medical and surgical knowledge necessary for the improvement of health and well-being of cancer patients, and to prolong their life by conducting research to prevent, treat and some day cure cancer.

The Institute Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is a group of representatives from the scientific community, Radiation Safety, Environmental Safety, Laboratory Animal Resources, University at Buffalo (UB), and the community members to represent the views of the general public.

The IACUC is committed to:

  • The humane and ethical treatment of all animals needed in research, teaching or toxicity testing
  • Reviewing all requests for appropriate use of animals in research
  • Inspecting all facilities where animals are held or procedures are performed at least once every six months
  • Oversight for the Roswell Park program for humane care and use of animals including facilities, training, and all policies
  • Reviewing investigating and providing resolution for all concerns involving the care and use of animals at Roswell Park resulting from public complaints or reports of noncompliance by personnel


The Institute Biosafety Committee (IBC) is comprised of representatives from the scientific community, Radiation Safety, Environmental Safety, Employee Health Services, Laboratory Animal Resources and the community members to represent the views of the general public.

The IBC is responsible for:

  • Reviewing all research protocols involving recombinant DNA, infectious agents and carcinogens
  • Setting the required level of safety for research using biohazardous materials
  • Ensuring that all research is conducted under the NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant DNA Models
  • Conducting periodic reviews and laboratory inspections to ensure compliance
  • Formulating emergency plans covering accidental spills and personnel contamination by recombinant agents, as developed and recommended by the Office of Environmental Safety
  • Reporting significant problems or accidents and violations of the NIH Guidelines to NIH’s Office of Biotechnology Activities


The Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Roswell Park is a convened group of physicians, scientists and members of the community dedicated to advancing responsible and ethical research practices and to ensure that the rights, dignity and welfare of human subjects are protected. A full explanation of when research activities may require IRB review can be found here.

The IRB at Roswell is committed to:

  • Minimizing the risks associated with such research related endeavors in accordance with the Belmont Report and the Common Rule, by providing oversight, education and monitoring
  • Promoting and advocating for human rights of research subjects, especially those who are vulnerable and/or susceptible to manipulation and exploitation
  • Providing leadership on human research subject protections
  • Fostering a culture of compliance oversight for protection of human subjects and enhancing protections for those in research studies
  • Providing education for investigators, research and administrative staff, and board members

Please examine the official IRB at Roswell Park policies and see also when research activities may require IRB review.


The UB and Roswell Park Joint Stem Cell Research Oversight (SCRO) Committee is comprised of members from Roswell Park, UB, and community members to represent the views of the general public.

The UB /Roswell SCRO committee is committed to:

  • Maintaining the highest ethical standards in research
  • Permitting and encouraging qualified investigators to engage in appropriate, responsible and ethical research
  • Reviewing and approving research applications requiring the use of human stem cells
  • Reviewing and implementing training in the field of stem cell research and ethics
  • Ensuring that all stem cells are obtained, and research conducted with appropriate oversight and in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations