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Learn more to protect yourself and honor future generations

Our Indigenous communities are resilient, and within them the strength and knowledge to address many health challenges. Cancer is a confusing and complex disease and we still do not have a full understanding of it. Whether you’re facing a diagnosis, have risk factors that place you at higher risk, or just want to know how to protect yourself and your family, our team can help your journey.

The Department of Indigenous Cancer Health offers virtual classes where you can learn about cancer and share your experiences of challenges and successes. These live, 20-minute classes are free, and you can access them from anywhere on your mobile device or computer. For those without reliable internet access, contact our educator to determine how you can still participate in the sharing of knowledge.

Our current classes

  • Colorectal cancer screening

Colorectal cancer is preventable. Thanks to advances in screening methods, cancer of the colon and/or rectum can be detected at very early stages of the disease, making it increasingly curable. Learn about how our ancestral lifeways may provide protection against colorectal cancer, how your decisions improve colorectal cancer outcomes, and which testing options are best for you.

  • Clinical trial education
CICR Clinical Trials
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Clinical trial research is a challenging subject in our communities and often misunderstood. Clinical trials help us better understand how the latest cancer treatments and prevention strategies work. Without participation from people of diverse backgrounds, our understanding is limited. Our team encourages our Indigenous relatives to empower themselves by learning more about clinical trials with this class. Learn about the risks and benefits of clinical trials, and whether participating may be right for you. Equip yourself with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

To schedule your class, contact Will Maybee, Community Relations Coordinator at William.Maybee@RoswellPark.org or call/text: 716-225-3418.

The Department of Indigenous Cancer Health honors your time and commitment to our classes with a $15 gift card (view flyer above). Check back to learn about our next class offerings. 

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Let us know what cancer topic you’d like to learn about next. Submit your ideas to Will Maybee, Community Relations Coordinator at William.Maybee@RoswellPark.org

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