Tobacco Control Program

The Tobacco Control Program is widely recognized as a reliable source of information and assistance on tobacco issues by smokers, businesses, teachers and administrators, health professionals, local health agencies and others wishing to learn more about tobacco use prevention and cessation.

Here are some of the ways you can help to reduce tobacco use in your community.

EZ Letters - Provided by – EZ Letters allows the visitor to send letters to important decisionmakers on a variety of tobacco-related issues. The letters are automatically forwarded to the recipient as a fax.

Tobacco Fact Sheets - Fact sheets on a wide variety of tobacco-related topics, provided Stop Teenage Addiction to Tobacco (

Recently the NYS Department of Health launched an ad campaign called Talk to Your Patients that is designed to support conversations between doctors and their smoking patients.  Roswell Park's Smoking Cessation Department participated in the development of the materials along with 19 other centers across New York State.