Cell Stress and Biophysical Therapies

Program Leaders

Elizabeth Repasky, PhD

Anurag Singh, MD

Contact Person

Bruce Specht
Scientific Administrator
Tel: 716 845-1065
Fax: 716 845-8899

The unifying theme of the Cell Stress and Biophysical Therapies Program is exploitation of oxidative and thermal stress as target mechanisms of therapies.The broad goals are: (a) to develop novel cancer treatment strategies based on biophysical principles, especially light and heat; (b) to understand their molecular and cellular mechanisms; (c) to bring them to clinical fruition by facilitating interactions with clinicians and basic scientists in other Programs; and (d) to provide a training ground for these novel treatment approaches.

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center is the birthplace of clinical PDT and played a critical role in bringing this modality to FDA approval in 1998.The Institute also has had a long-standing strong presence in the field of thermal stress and several important heat shock genes have been cloned at RPCI.The Program member’s expertise and multidisciplinary research on photodynamic therapy, thermal therapy/heat shock proteins (hsp), tumor hypoxia and oxidative stress, radiation/oxidative DNA damage/repair, and membrane biophysics has resulted in three inter-related programmatic themes:

1)Rational Treatment Design and Optimization of novel cancer therapies employing biophysical principles, primarily light and heat, but also including ionizing radiation

2)Immune Modulation based on these therapies; and

3)Molecular Mechanisms of Oxidative and Thermal Stress

Program Members

Marina Antoch, PhD

Heinz Baumann, PhD

David Bellnier, PhD

Lyudmila Burdelya, PhD

Subhamoy Dasgupta, PhD

Sandra Gollnick, PhD

Andrei Gudkov, PhD. DSci

Katerina Gurova, MD, PhD

Eugene Kandel, PhD

John Kane, III,  MD, FACS

Ravindra Pandey, PhD

Gyorgy Paragh, MD, PhD

Saraswati Pokharel, MD, PhD

Elizabeth Repasky, PhD

Mukund Seshadri, DDS, PhD

Gal Shafirstein, PhD

Anurag K. Singh, MD

Anna Bianchi-Smiraglia, PhD

Dominic Smiraglia, PhD

Joseph Spernyak, PhD