The Department of Cancer Prevention and Control, chaired by Christine Ambrosone, PhD, includes research that spans the cancer continuum, from understanding the causes of cancer for prevention and targeting of high risk populations, to identification of markers for early detection and diagnosis, and to understand and prevent factors that impact morbidity and mortality associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Cancer Prevention and Control

Christine Ambrosone, PhD
Department Chair, Cancer Prevention & Control
Tel: 716-845-3082
Fax: 716-845-8125

Faculty in this department conduct research on identification and basic mechanisms of chemoprevention agents, and nutritional approaches to cancer risk reduction. There is also a primary focus on the role of gene-environment interactions in cancer etiology, particularly ovarian, breast, lung and prostate cancers, and a number of studies to better understand the reasons for early onset, more aggressive breast cancers in African-American women. Molecular epidemiological studies of cancer prognosis also focus on the role of pharmacogenetics in treatment outcomes, as well as the potential effects of lifestyle factors on cancer treatment outcomes.

A key resource for research within the Department of Cancer Prevention and Control is the Data Bank and Biorepository (DBBR), a Core Resource for Roswell Park which provides biological specimens and epidemiological and clinical data to investigators for studies of etiology, early detection, and treatment outcomes. The DBBR has enrolled thousands of patients from numerous cancer site clinics, as well as community controls, providing a rich resource of data for numerous molecular epidemiological studies.

Dr. Ambrosone’s current research focuses primarily on molecular genetics factors that influence cancer treatment outcomes.