WNYC2: A Community Network Program

Western New York (WNY) communities suffer from significant disparities in tobacco use and cessation practices, participation in research opportunities and rates of lung, breast, prostate and colorectal cancers. The proposed Western New York Cancer Coalition (WNYC2) Center will address the most striking of these disparities and the burden of cancer in our region by focusing our efforts on minority and urban communities and clinical practices in the cities of Buffalo and Niagara Falls and rural Appalachian communities in neighboring Chautauqua County. We approach the reduction of disparities with clinical and community partnerships from a socioecological model, with efforts to enhance social capital and reduce perceived racism. The goal of the Center is to ensure that all residents benefit from available clinical and scientific advances to reduce tobacco use, promote healthy lifestyles and behaviors, detect cancer early and participate in clinical and research programs in order to eliminate cancer inequities.

The WNYC2 Center is innovatively designed to reduce inequities in medically underserved populations in three counties in our region. This project will positively impact current public health programs and enhance outreach and training resources that will improve clinical care, participation in research, and reduce tobacco use in urban, minority and rural populations with the highest risk and cancer burden.