2 West

Certain diagnostic tests and surgical procedures can be performed safely in an outpatient setting because they can be done in a short time, require a short recovery period, and involve very little risk. The 2 West is designed to accommodate you. You will arrive in the morning, have your procedure, and receive care and monitoring during recovery. When you are stable, your doctor will discharge you.

Arrival at the Hospital

  • When you arrive, check in at Patient Access (registration) in the lobby.
  • When you get to 2 West, please give us a list of your allergies and a list of your medications. Tell us if you or any family member has had problems with anesthesia in the past.
  • Family members or friends who come with you will be shown to an area where they can wait during your procedure. If they have to leave the waiting area, they should notify the receptionist. The doctor may talk with you and your family after the procedure.
  • There are many different procedures being performed on 2 West. If someone arrives after you but is taken before you, please be patient; they may not be having the same procedure as you.


If you have any questions, or if we can help in any way, please call 2 West at 716 845-2986. To contact your doctor or clinic after hours and on weekends, call 716 845-2300. Please ask for the physician on call for your center.