Pastoral Care Team

The Pastoral Care staff at Roswell Park Cancer Institute makeup an interfaith team that visits patients and their families in the hospital. The staff members bring with them their faith tradition and training that enable them to specially minister to members of their own faith communities.

Familiar with and sensitive to the issues that accompany illness, Pastoral Care Staff members are available daily for visitation and for the distribution of Holy Communion.  All new admissions are visited daily by a member of the pastoral care team and services of the department are offered.

Staff Chaplains

Beth Lenegan PhD *  • Director
Rev. Ray Corbin • Catholic Chaplain
Pastor Reninger Flores • Protestant Chaplain


Visiting Clergy

Rev. Ray Schooler • American Baptist Churches
Decon David Velasquez • Catholic Diocese
Rev. Vernal Harris, Pastor •  Church of God in Christ
Deacon Phil Hubbell •  Lutheran Church

Pastoral Care Visitors

Rose Aldrow 
Minister Averl Anderson *
Linda Ashline *
David Beam 
Rev. Geraldine Boyland  and Minister of Communion  
Karen Calandra
Sister Karen Copeland
Louise Dessert and Eucharistic Minister
Rev. Jimmie Goree and Minister of Communion
Pastor Ned Holderby
Sharon Kooken and Eucharistic Minister
Peg Laks
William Meiler and Eucharistic Minister
Mary McCracken * and Eucharistic Minister
Jenny Ohar *
Fran Phillips and Eucharistic Minister
Bonnie Pierce
Melanie Scherer * and Eucharistic Minister
Joyce Torge *
Pastor Joyce Wallum
William Wilson
Lewanda Wright
Linda Zinnerman
Martha Filadora

Ministers of Holy Communion

Deboarh Allen 
Diane Caruana
Catherine Cipolla
Ann Deck
Maryannn Dudas
John Gruber
Mary Kowal
Sheldon Lenahan
Elaine Mullen 
Tim O’Shea
Nancy Sevilla
Elizabeth Waggoner
Johanna Weisbeck
Michael Szematowiez

Secretarial Staff

Lula Smeader
Claudia Lawler
Anne Marie Thomas
Sarah Berardi
Jacqueline Rivera

Special Events Volunteer

Peg Laks
Elisa Carlino

* Denotes Team member of the End of Life Program

Community Denominational Support

AME (African Methodist Episcopal)
Reverend Richard Stenhouse

AME (African Methodist Episcopal Zion)
Dr. Robert L. Graham
Yvonne D. Askew, RN, FCN

Pastor Ted Howard
Pastor Ivan Crossno
Rev. John Staples
Rev. Michael Chapman

Dr. Jeannette Ludwig

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Stake President Nathan Pace

Rev. Leann McConchie
The Very Rev. N. DeLiza Spangler 
The Rev Ann M. Tilman 

Greek Orthodox
Rev. Dr. Christos Christakis

Vijay Chakravarthy

Luz Milagros Ramos
Rev. Samuel Rivera (Pentacostal)
Rev. Msgr. David M. Gallivan (Roman Catholic) 

Rev. Thunder Silk

Imam Dawood Adeyola
Dr. Sawsan Tabbaa

Jehovah's Witnesses
Gary Griffin

Rabbi Alex Lazazrus-Klein
Sara Schultz MA SA

Rev. Cheong-il Bak 

Non-Denominational (Elim Christian Fellowship)
Rev. Betty P. Williams

Rev. Geri Lyon

Roman Catholic
Jesuit Fathers at St. Michaels Church
Msgr. Leon Neu
Rev. David Glassmire
Rev. Paul Sabo

Russian Orthodox 
Fr. Volodymyr Zablotskyy
Prof. Dr. Mohan S. Devgun
Unitarian Universalist
Rev. Margaret O’Neall 

Manh Le
Tom Le