Working can play an important part in how we think and feel about ourselves.  Some people feel that working during treatment helps them keep a sense of normalcy, but they may be wondering  if, or how, to tell their boss or coworkers.   For others, work is a distraction that keeps them busy and feeling productive, but they may be struggling with how fatigue affects their job performance.  For many, working during treatment is not an option, either because they need the income, or because they are currently too ill or weak to get to work or to meet the demands of the job.

There is no single answer to the question of whether to continue working during cancer treatment.  Each person’s situation and experiences are different. Two people with the same cancer and treatment may have very different experiences.  Even a single person can have a wide variation in how he or she feels from day-to-day.

We have gathered some resources to help you deal with workplace situations and to learn about your legal rights and resources.