Managing Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

Regardless of the kind of cancer treatment you have, there is a risk you will experience some side effects.  Whether its surgery, drug therapy, or radiation treatments, each carries its own set of potential side effects.  Keep in mind that not everyone who has a certain procedure or takes a particular type of chemotherapy will have the same side effects.  Some people say they don't feel any different during treatment, but many report that side effects have affected their quality of life. Fortunately, medicine has made great strides in the prevention and management of many common side effects.   In this section, you will find strategies and helpful hints for you and your caregivers so you can learn how to manage side effects such as nausea, mouth and skin problems, or being at a greater risk of infection.

If you experience any side effects, even if they are expected, be sure to tell your health care team how you are feeling and if you are having difficulties that are interfering with your ability to carry out your day-to-day activities.   These are general guidelines - always follow your health care teams instructions if they different from what you read here or elsewhere.