Financial Matters

Resources for Financial Assistance for Patients and Their Families

Cancer can impose heavy economic burdens on both patients and their families. Government-sponsored programs as well as services supported by nonprofit, national organizations are available for people who do not have health insurance and for those who have insurance but still need financial assistance to cover health care costs. Cancer patients and their families should discuss any concerns about health care costs with their doctor, medical social worker, or the business office of their hospital or clinic.

This National Cancer Institute database includes government agencies and national organizations that provide financial assistance to cancer patients and their families, or provide information about patient assistance programs. Inclusion in this database does not imply endorsement by the National Cancer Institute. Numerous organizations provide financial assistance. This NCI database contains many, but not all of them.

Managing the Cost of Cancer Care: Practical Guidance for Patients and Families

If you are a person with cancer, understanding what costs to expect before starting treatment can help you manage the financial impact of cancer in the most effective way possible. The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) created this guide to help you talk with your health care team about coping with the costs of cancer care. The guide includes tools and resources to assist you in financial planning before, during, and after treatment.

Whether you have private health insurance, government insurance (such as Medicare or Medicaid), or no insurance, it is important for you to talk openly with your health care team soon after diagnosis about the costs of your care. This may include medical costs — such as the price of a specific drug — as well as additional costs — such as transportation costs to and from the cancer center — that could make getting the best cancer care more difficult.

You can also download this document here.

Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition

CFAC is a coalition of financial assistance organizations joining forces to help cancer patients experience better health and well-being by managing financial challenges in number of ways:
1. Facilitating communication and collaboration among member organizations;
2. Educating patients and providers about existing resources and linking to other organizations that can disseminate information about the collective resources of the member organizations;
3. Advocating on behalf of cancer patients who continue to bear financial burdens associated with the costs of cancer treatment and care...