Other Names

Revlimid® (There may be other names for this medication.)

How is Lenalidomide Administered?

This medication comes as a capsule to take by mouth. Swallow the capsules whole, with plenty of water. Do not open, crush, or chew on the capsules. You can take it with or without food. Try to take it at around the same time every day.

Why Am I Taking Lenalidomide?

Lenalidomide treats multiple myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow), certain types of MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome), and mantle cell lymphoma — conditions in which the bone marrow produces misshapen, unhealthy blood cells.

How Does it Work?

Clinical studies suggest that lenalidomide may work in multiple ways and at multiple sites within the bone marrow to stop or slow the growth of cancer cells.

Lenalidomide is both an immunomodulatory agent and an anti-angiogenic agent.

  • Immunomodulatory agent: works by helping the bone marrow to produce normal blood cells and by killing abnormal cells in the bone marrow
  • Anti-angiogenic agent: works by interfering with the cancer’s ability to build the new blood vessels it needs to continue to grow.

Lenalidomide may also reduce the ability of bone marrow to make substances (cytokines) that encourage the growth of cancer cells.

Lenalidomide affects both myeloma cells and how your body supports their growth. Reducing the number of myeloma cells may allow normal blood cells to grow.

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