Interferon Alfa

Other Names

Intron® A® (alfa 2b), Roferon-A (alfa 2a), alpha interferon, IFN-alpha.There may be other names for this medication.

How is it Administered?

This medication is given by injection under the skin (subcutaneous), into muscle (intramuscular), or through a vein (IV or intravenous). Generally, therapy lasts about 6 months. You will get an injection every day for the first 10 to 24 weeks. After that, the injections are usually given 3 times a week.

Why I am Receiving Interferon?

Interferon alfa is used in the treatment of some types of leukemia and lymphoma, melanoma, kidney (renal cell) cancer, cervical cancer, carcinoid syndrome, medullary thyroid cancer, multiple myeloma, and skin cancers.

How Does Inteferon Work?

Our immune systems are designed to protect us from foreign or harmful substances that could cause illness. Interferon stimulates your immune system to make it more effective.

Interferon alfa belongs to the category of therapies called biologic response modifiers (BRM) or immunotherapy. Specifically, interferon is a cytokine, a protein that signals certain immune system cells to become active and attack cancer cells.

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