Other Names

Goserelin is the generic drug name. Zoladex® is a brand name. (There may be other names for this medication.)

How is Goserelin Administered?

This medication is given by subcutaneous injection (SQ), just under the skin in the abdomen (stomach area).

What Is It Used For?

This drug is used in the treatment of prostate cancer and breast cancer.

How Does it Work?

Goserelin is a synthetic (man-made) hormone that belongs to a class of medications called LHRH (leutinizing hormone releasing hormone) agonists. The LHRH agonists work by telling the pituitary gland, located in the brain, to stop producing leutinizing hormone.

In men, leutinizing hormone stimulates the production of testosterone, which can encourage some prostate cancers to grow. Goserelin stops the production of testosterone.

In women, leutinizing hormone stimulates the production of estrodial (estrogen), which can encourage some breast cancers to grow. Goserelin decreases the production of estradiol to levels similar to a postmenopausal state.

When the medication is stopped, hormone levels return to normal.

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