Other Names

Cytoxan®, Neosar® (There may be other names for this medication.)

How is it Administered?

Cyclophosphamide comes as a tablet you can take by mouth, and as an injection, which can be injected into a vein (intravenous/IV), a muscle (intramuscular/IM), or the lining of the lung or abdomen. Tablets should be taken with food or after meals. Do not cut or crush the tablets. Your dose depends on many factors, including your height and weight, your general health, and the type of cancer being treated. Your doctor will determine your exact dosage and schedule.

Why am I Taking This Medication?

This drug is used to treat some types of lymphoma, leukemia, and sarcoma; multiple myeloma; and breast, testicular, ovarian, endometrial, and lung cancers. It may be part of a conditioning regimen before a bone marrow transplant, or used to treat noncancerous conditions.

How Does it Work?

Cancer is a group of diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control. Both normal and cancer cells go through cycles that include a resting phase, active growing phases, and division (reproduction). Your chemotherapy schedule is based upon the type of cancer you have, the rate at which they divide, and the times when each drug is the most likely to be effective. This is why chemotherapy is typically given in cycles.

Cyclophosphamide is in a class of drugs known as alkylating agents, which slows down or stops the growth of cancer cells. Alkylating agents are most active in the resting phase of the cell cycle. Cyclophosphamide is derived from mustard gas.

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