Flow and Image Cytometry

Paul Wallace, PhD

Director of Flow and Image Cytometry
Email: paul.wallace@roswellpark.org
Voice: 716-845-8471

Flow and Image Cytometry Office
Phone: 716-845-8471 or 716-845-3528
Fax: 716-845-8806

The Flow and Image Cytometry Resource, initiated in 1988, provides multiparameter flow cytometry services for clinical diagnosis and follow-up to basic and clinical research investigators, carries out an educational outreach program in flow cytometry, and develops new applications and instrumentation.

For more information regarding services please visit http://www.Roswell Parkflow.org, for information about fees please contact the laboratory by phone (716) 845-8471 or email paul.wallace@roswellpark.org

Resource Staff

Paul Wallace, PhD, Chair

Hans Minderman, PhD